Wedding Videography Services

Deciding on the number of wedding videography services required will determine the final price for your wedding video production. For the best most cinematic wedding film I recommend filming all aspects of the wedding day listed below. This helps to better build a story and make your film more enjoyable to watch. In some instances a second camera operator will be required to produce the best quality wedding film of your special day. One instance of this would be when the Grooms preparation location is a good distance from the Bridesmaids, it might not be possible to film both in time before the ceremony without a second camera operator. Please contact me below to discuss your wedding videography requirements and location in Ireland.

Bride Preparation

Filmed on the morning of the wedding at the brides preparation location.

Groom Preparation

Filmed on the morning of the wedding at the grooms preparation location.

Wedding Ceremony

Filmed at ceremony location. Church, Civil Ceremony or outdoor location.

Wedding Reception

Filmed upto and including the first dance.

Wedding Drone Videography

Beautiful aerial drone footage of the wedding venue / wedding couple. Weather, location and permission dependent.

Wedding Videography Extras

Filmed at scenic location requested by clients.  Example – On hotel reception wedding venue (Gardens, forest walks, by stream).  It can also be a place special to you both near your home example – Forest park, Beach location etc.  Filming you both together the day before to add to your story.