Frequently asked Questions – wedding videography questions. If you do not find the answers to the wedding videography questions you wanted answers to please contact me using the details below.

How much does a wedding film cost?

I provide a premium wedding film service and the price can vary depending on a number of factors including location, filming requirements on the day, editing time, extra camera operator etc. The most important thing to note is I work hard to deliver to you, a final product that you and your partner are delighted to have and enjoy forever.

The first step is to get in touch with me on +353 (086)0507045 or email me your details to
I can then check availability and learn more about the both of you and your wedding, and guide you through the overall price.

How long will you film for at our wedding?

I film from bridal/groom preparations to the first dance.

Do you charge for travel/accommodation?

Travel / accommodation fees will be included in the overall price. Why accommodation? If your wedding is a few hours from my studio then it is best for me to arrive the night before and be ready to film first thing in the morning with fresh eyes!

How soon will we get the film?

Your wedding film will be delivered to you within 6 weeks of your wedding day.

Do you put all of your wedding videos online?

Only with the consent of the clients. I do always ask for permission from couples to post content to my existing wedding video portfolio. This is beneficial to new potential clients as they can view my style of work.

Are you VAT registered ?

Yes, I am VAT registered (VAT Number – IE6919003G)

How do we book you?

Simply give me a call on +353 (086)0507045 or email me your details to and I will get back to you.

Do you take a booking fee and why?

I do take a booking fee of 50% of the agreed price. A booking fee is required to exclusively book the date for your wedding. I will not hold a wedding date until Invoice issued to you and booking fee is paid.

Do I get the booking fee back if I decide to cancel?

If you cancel within the regulatory 14 day ‘Cooling Off’ period then you are entitled to a refund. After that time then it’s non-refundable. The reason is I am the one at a loss if you decide to cancel. I will already have turned away potential clients for the date you have booked, and will have to spend time finding another wedding to fill the date in question that you cancelled on. I would already have paid my VAT and Tax on the deposit received all of which I would not get back.

When do I pay the balance on whats owed on top of booking fee?

I expect the balance to be paid a week before the wedding.

Can I use any music I like from the charts in my wedding video?

The quick answer to this is,”No, definitly not”. You do not / I do not have permission to use such copyrighted content.
I have access to a library of music which gives me a licence to use any of the tracks in my film productions. Any films I have created use this music. I personally select the music for all films to help enhance the overall production of each wedding film.

How will we receive my wedding film?

Your wedding film will be delivered on SD card in a customised box as a gift for you both to treasure forever. I can also provide a link online for you to download your wedding film.

I have more questions.

If you did not find the answers you were looking for in the above frequently asked questions please feel free to contact me anytime using my contact details below.